Monday, April 6, 2009

How does unknown fells~~~

I was frantically looking for something.
It's okay to stumble, so go forward.
I know it's foolish, I just run on without regret.
The only one I can trust is myself.
The fangs I bared at anything and everything.
I wanna be strong, give me the strangth to live on my own.
Honestly, I was just scared of betrayalI knew that nothing would change if I kept running away.
But I couldn't change myself.
The loneliness I prided myself on
Was a pair of wings to escape to my worthless dreams.

There was no freedom, nothing beyond this light.
I was drowning in each rough new day.
Before I knew it I was shouldering such loneliness.
It was hard. To be honest, I really didn't want to be on my own.
Since always pretending to be strong makes one forget one's true face.
It's important to occassionally loosen up and rely on others.
Hurt... when you want to cry, face the great big sky.
And scream out in a loud voice.
That you want to forget yourself, so you can keep being who you are.
The encouraging voices of my father, my mother, and my friends.
Spurred on, even one so weak as myself, they gave me the light.
The loneliness and pain of my youth that I prided myself on.
Were a pair of wings to escape to my worthless dreams.
If there's freedom to be had in that clear blue sky.
I wouldn't care if these wings torn out and the spot where I fel l Was 'Freedom'

anyone help~~~......................