Friday, February 11, 2011

GEMINI ALICE NINE ~ save my stress ~

I have been missing in past few days =P done with midterm, for Nutrition I think should have been doing well and Marketing speechless =X just feel like freedom after these mid term. Anyway my hand got itchy and thanks to Moon Cheng and Soon Yen force me to play dota ~ ops sorry dear I have been naughty after I think 9 months didn't touch game =X my rusty hand skill still no comment.

Today Kitchen class as usual Vietnamese & Thai ~ seinz just 3 more fucking classes and push it to the end and yes is end end it means no more KITCHEN CLASS. Got screw up with this effking green curry chicken. But turn it to be delicious and presentation sucks hell. Anyway today I spent the whole night dividing my class into four groups, searching dishes, recipes respectively stress~ since I'm the chef for the last Kitchen class. I ordered all expensive ingredients, this time no more chicken used to be the noob chef =X ordered...I ordered salmon and lamb as a main course, squid salad as appetizer and desert nah screw it up with apple pie cheese tiny forgotten la =X hantam only la the rest all throw to my Sous Chef  since Sunday I'm not gonna online till Tuesday as I'm in Ipoh. Chef Collin wants the ingredient order by Monday thats sucks so is all on this girl Thrishna aka my Sous Chef @#$%^&*() Eff it zzz

At this point kinda stress, kitchen stuff get heated up. My dear can't go out with me on Valentine's but try to squeeze the time tomorrow Saturday, will looking forward and see bout it. My fucking resit paper have been delayed until don't know when diu. Sorry for the bad languages cause I'm under stress now.

New Album New Songs accompany me
Album Gemini ~
1. I.
3. Stargazer:
4. 4U
5. 蜃気楼
7. Entr’acte
8. 閃光
9. 風凛
10. GEMINI-0-eternal
11. GEMINI-I-the void
12. GEMINI-II-the luv
13. birth in the death
14. Overture (Bonus Track SE)

Bitrate: 192kbps

The three songs Gemini kinda weird but if you guys listen it three in a role is like kinda one length full song combination. Single Senkou and Stargazer include in the album. The other's album not bad at all. Good songs worth it from track 1 till track 12 is my favourite =P
This song will keep me accompany till Tokyo Dome is out~

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tokyo Dome Report ~

The year 2010 has certainly been eventful for the GazettE. With a series of live tours, three new single releases, a video compilation DVD and a transfer to Sony Music Records under their belt over the last few months, holding the grand finale THE NAMELESS LIBERTY on December 26 for their first performance at Tokyo Dome is the perfect finish to end the NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS tour.

During the late afternoon, a large crowd of fans had already gathered outside Tokyo Dome, braving the chilly weather. Some hung out with fellow fans and friends, some excitedly took photos to remember the day and some showed off their cosplay outfits by dressing up as their favorite member. Most of all, there was some queuing to do to buy tour merchandise. The goods were so popular that several items were already sold out two hours before the show. 

Once inside, as fans made their way to their seats, last minute sound checks took place on the stage that was set in a futuristic box theme. As soon as there was a black out, everyone stood up and started cheering. Purple and blue stage lights filled the venue with a video on the high definition screens, accompanied by dramatic recorded music, followed by a short laser show. Sounds of “Red” blared through the air, the stage bursting alive with the members rocking hard to the music as the crowd screamed in excitement. As “Agony” began to play, a sea of fans were already headbanging with great exhilaration. When Ruki hollered, “Tokyo!” the beat to "Hyena" ripped through the speakers with fans also singing along to the lyrics. 

Energies soared as the crowd screamed the band members' names — the GazettE got the party started! On the large screens, even those sitting far away from the stage could see each member’s close up. During the full course of “Akai One Piece,” Aoi and Uruha ran across the stage to each other’s opposite positions and onto the extended catwalks, prompting the audience to roar with excitement. Even as Kai did the backing vocals for “Psychedelic Heroine,” never once did his energy falter on the drums. Similarly, Reita showed impressive enthusiasm as he jammed the bass solo in “SHIVER.” The stage then literally burst into flames as Ruki sang “Ganges Ni Akai Bara” with great intensity. 

The pace slowed down when recorded orchestral music to their latest single "PLEDGE" played. The audience looked on in silent attention as a glitter ball reflected serene turquoise lights, bringing a beautifully calm atmosphere, which then transitioned to the slightly more provocative visuals to “Bath Room.” More stunning laser visuals were shown in the dark venue throughout the “DIM SCENE” performance. 

Picking up the speed once again, the GazettE continued to entertain the fans with “HEADACHE MAN, VERMIN” and “HESITATING MEANS DEATH,” before serving head bang classic favorites “COCKROACH,” “Discharge,” and, of course, “Filth in the Beauty” to end the show. 

The audience, however, was not ready to let them rest as they cried out for an encore with united persistent stamina, getting louder and louder as the clock ticked away. Finally, Reita and Kai appeared on the stage once more, playing “Ride with the Rockers.” Soon, they were joined by the rest of the group, all of whom took center stage to play “Nausea and Shudder” and “SWALLOWTAIL ON THE DEATH VALLEY.” After Ruki’s MC, the fans were just as energetic doing the same various hand gestures, claps and head bangs to “Ruder,” “Kantou Dogeza Kumiai,” and “LINDA Candydive Pinky Heaven.” 

Once again, after the members left the stage and sounds of taped music played, more screams of encore echoed the Dome. It did not take long to convince the band to come back and take to the stage once more with “Kare Uta” and “Miseinen” as the finale. 

As the piano version of “PLEDGE” thrust our ears, taking to center stage once again for a group hug and final bow, clear emotional expressions were seen on each and every one of the members’ faces. A sense of achievement and a life long dream, if there is one accomplishment that proves that the GazettE has made it big, THE NAMELESS LIBERTY live at Tokyo Dome is it. 

~report from Visual Rock official website ~