Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Introducing Rainmeter XD

What's Rainmeter? XD
Rainmeter is a customize skin layout that shows all kind various of shortcuts, info, temperature and all sorts of plugin. It supports all kind of OS Windows 98, XP, 7 and etc. For Apple sorry Macbook user lols

let's look into some cool design

As we can see, the left upper corner is Winamp player button skin
Right corner top to bottom : notes, calendar and etc
right bottom: rocketdock ( will explain further)

Cool right XD yeah try click to this webpage Rainmeter download the pack Rainmeter2.0 pick 32-bit or 64-bit if you OS using one of them match it up. After download than launch, choose I think Enigma or Geometer. Skin Tutorial and Tips were given on that link. 

Okay basically the skin black and white is Rainmeter
Let's talk about the the list bottom left Firefox till weather button is RocketDock

ObjectDock and RocketDock basically is a extension button just like the one I explain. With cool graphic and yea the difference between ObjectDock and RocketDock is RocketDock has an extension where you can click on it, it expands just like the picture on top, top on the left, Microsoft Office list of them. You can customize and download them in Google Search for it =)

Let's go to further advance~

Okay this is technically overclocking freak. And some people would ask "what Operating System are you using?" or "OMG FCUK where the hell is the Internet button?" LoL 

Currently my wallpaper in my laptop is ~ ~ ~

GazettE Ruki Wallpaper and yea XD 
somehow I just got bored with it and wanted to change
But no time cause of study 
Wasted days to play Rainmeter by the way =X

Well, anyone interested to decorate their wallpaper with Rainmeter skin? XD can ask me by the way for anything haha use your own creativity and just play with it hehe. It's fun but note "this graphic design moving makan Ram and Processor speed a bit in your PC" =X

 * * *

By the way I found this video Kai sang Happy Birthday for Aoi and he blew the candles instead of Aoi lol Of cause a smack by Aoi lol

That's all for today I'm lazy on bed XD di di da da

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