Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Look what I got from Burger King, Kajang. I didn't know there is a Burger King Restaurant at Metro Point Kajang which just open few weeks ago I guess. The Hobbit meal?...Is like ages I have not been eating Burger King!

Thorin (Notepad)

The show ain't that bad thou. Watched it last week with my mom at TGV, KLCC. Thinking if I would have that Invisibility Ring to use it (hehe)

The year is still young! Everything around me gives me power and memories, not take it with you always was shocking most of which of the old days. I would not look into the negative pass and or whatever it is that I left out since yesterday. I will move forward to make my life an extra to go beyond.
- Pearl, Tama, Nooble & Cooler, Zildjian and Sabian - love this brands...

Lately been busy downloading pure HD The GazettE 10th anniversary, The Decade which is almost 3.5GB
source to The Decade >>> www use HJ Split to combine all 12 parts.

Alice Nine new single releasing (Daybreak) March after almost 6 months missing been busying touring in Jrock Evolution and their *9* Tour.

Accident after accident. After Tomomi fell down from the staircase and hurt her leg, recently Mami now fell down and smash onto the fence as she said the wind is so strong blow her away as she is holding an umbrella...what the...?? -_-

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