Tuesday, January 1, 2013

End of 2012, Begin of 2013

What I think about 2012, it was a awesome year ever happen in my life. Lot's of things I achieve within this year.

- Diploma class ended (not official) waiting for graduation (pass all papers) phew finally
- Evanescence concert early this year
- Miyavi concert with awesome autographed "What's My Name" album with poster
- Scandal concert with photos, laugh with them/jokes at KLCC, and specially autograph albums thanks =)
- Serious many friends that came across from all over South East Asia to share the same interest
- A trip to Singapore with my cousin and enjoyed max at Universal Studio Singapore
- Got several tweet replied from J-rock/pop artist at twitter. (surprisingly) total 4 times
- Did I miss out anything? Hmm is late at night now I don't seem to remember any other things right now XD

I was in the middle of kinda stuck on which step suppose to go. In the first place I got a several job offer as with high paid salary in hospitality industry but happen to meet up some players hmm I mean Jrock players from Miyavi and Scandal concert. We form a band I not too sure what it suppose to be, we just jam songs that is not really my type. Angela on lead guitar, Ray/Dedrick on rhythm guitar, Leon on bass and I'm on drums. There are no vocals, I was just literally joke about inviting Haoto (Malaysian Japanese singer) that performs on stage for opening Scandal concert. Well,  after that moment someone said of "we gonna do something about it and make it as a career". I don't have any confident in it and somehow in reality there is no hope in Malaysia even how hard you have tried. I push that idea away and let it rot for now, as there is no vocal and no composer. What's the point..

Oh cool, gambateh organizer! Go to Japan and get that green light and be part of the crew so I can join in the team too! Thanks to "credit" really help me to be part of the team. Well, is something bigger than anything else compare to last year, whatever I'm involve in. I got the feeling it will have the blast of the year 2013 in my life. The brightness is near me within 2 months before entering into boring hotel world. Whatever it is I found a lot of fun relating to musics and sounds than what I have learnt in hospitality. I didn't plan anything what am I suppose to do in future. I just go ahead with the flow haha

Flashes back some memories...Sohai Rare Tomomi face...why?

It suppose to be like random pic from side view and she seems to have the automatic poser whenever a camera wants to aim at her. When touring to KLCC someone interview her "what would you like to eat here". Tomo mentioned "Nashi Goring"...       (:facepalm:) from out of all food why ... (you gonna be kidding me)

..I really pity the bodyguards, 4 bodyguards need to chase her all around the resort as she is chasing that "biawak" - monitor lizard I think? The best part ..she said "korre duragon duragon" she snap the pic on her Iphone. Than I said (no duragon) and she said (mini kyoryu) - mini dinosaur. God someone please kill me she is elder than me by one year and (omg) bang head on wall...

Taking picture at KLCC entrance fountain. Cameraman ask her to post swing hair, she non stop giggling and laughing (over high) and she almost fell into the fountain =w="

Well, Tomomi most crazy, over high and playful during the whole tour. Mami followed her siao attitude after Tomo starts anything randomly like during backstage when Haoto performing, they were dancing ... Zzz

Haruna the eldest sister hard to predict who she is in real person. She is the leader and gets nervous sometimes at photo shoot. She will like asking "yoku miru nodeska?" hmm Do i look good? nothing much about her and Rina is been like "she will try her best those kind of attitude" or can say "gambateh all the way" trying to be the best in the team. Shy and innocent type. Fan service the most too and really take care of their fans.

I don't really follow Stereopony just like Alice Nine second in favoritism. Well, the last two days of 2012 I just said thank you for your songs and the last live that you all performed yesterday. Thank you music world to Nohana, bassist of Stereopony as they already disband recently. 10 hours later the next morning...

Thank you world 2012 ~

let's begin with 2013 ~ love all the supporter families and friends around. I promise myself not to talk any bad things or negative factors in Facebook, Twitter or blogs whatever it is. The best is to avoid any conflict/ignore and goes with the flow. Thank you for your advice, I will take that and remember it for life. No matter what it takes remain calm as in person. Alright "challenge accepted"! See you all soon =)

"What A Wonderful World" - Miyavi!

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