Friday, December 28, 2012


I came across to a band Acid Black Cherry as also know as A.B.C. Yeah came across to 2.8m view on youtube and his voice is superb. Kinda addicted to this song *laugh*

Don't know what single titled "YES"
Knew this band since he is the main character next with Hyde (VAMPS & Larc)

Currently been pulled in automatically into 2 fan page (Facebook) which is Hello hello Scandal band lover and GazettE Malaysia and a closed group officially named Scandal Heaven Malaysia representing the International Forum Scandal Heaven as in Malaysia. Only those who have Scandal Heaven account on the website only able to join to the group. Strict rules and regulation been set up by the boss Yui Seven.

Yesterday was Stereopony last live X'mas concert =(  after a decision of disband, they decided to make a last performance and special guest who attend Yui & Scandal members.

Jpopasia final vote for awards is on till next year somewhere mid of Januuary. Jpop all voted up for Yui, Haruna Ono, Scandal and Rina Suzuki. While the other side Jrock voted up for The GazettE, and Miyavi ~

Today happen to pass by Mama Treble Clef Studio, saw that drum set *laugh* wanna hit that cymbals that double crash and china! Waiting for Wei Hong to relearn up his guitar skill first, gonna jam together soon! I'm waiting!

away from KL. Cloud covers the moon ~


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