Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012 ~

Christmas is over and the end of 2012. A new year 2013 near to come soon. Well, I didn't really celebrate in a big way. Shop like a mad guy for Marvels comics at Big Bad Wolf. Well, is cheap really dirt cheap and literally I murdered my own wallet to RM600+ I think including some manga like Rave Master and Kyo Samurai Deep. Few days ago just rearrange my books.

Yes is freaking colorful and all of them is thick cover comics. Pretty cool graphics inside.

That will keep me busy till the next two concert event Jrock Evolution 2013 and Scandal in Singapore XD

A thick chocolate cake wood log and uneatable Santa, snowman and rain deer lol taste good from Padi House, it cost around RM58.00 I think.

Few things I need to get when I start working ~ my Sony Noise Cancellation earphone and Razor mouse since my mouse already not that sensitive and occur some errors at times.

Namida no Regret is a single that really takes my taste of music to explore more into Scandal. Surprisingly all of their 4 albums 90% are great songs. Is all started with their debut single DOLL, and I not really fancy over it until I came to this >>> Namida no Regret is the single from Scandal competing with Pledge single from the GazettE. Both were pretty cool ballads in the Oricon Chart during that time of the year of 2010. So please there is nothing to do with anything else of the songs. There is something relate with Evanescence "My Heart Is Broken". That song is still superb and strong, powerful and meaningful lyrics. This is where the decision goes and I love to fall again into the music world. I never regret and her direct message personally really keeps me stronger to move on all the way. I'm looking forward to see you next year. You ask me to come to Osaka, I cannot LOL is so impossible *laugh* 

After the tour of Scandal in Malaysia there is another tweet reply from Rina Suzuki within a week. LOL. what in the world? Expected and everybody that follows me, will be asking me: "What have you done to her?, or what kind of black magic, voodoo you did?" Nooo I didn't do anything ~ Really an accidentally tweet with an error typo of ENGLISH "LIGTHER" instead of lighter. Suppose to be translate also into Japanese and an English word pop out. I'm about to delete that tweet within seconds, Rina already replied. wtf?! :facepalm: max!

joke right? Is okay since she understand broken English too when I talk to her LOL :x :x :x
here it goes where fans reply to her tweet mentioning that she smokes? since she is promoting some "S" lighter on a picture post which is a apps in Iphone. An apps that you have to purchase their exclusive pictures, I think. So she replied no...she don't smoke. My stupid tweet to her was, I rather use that lighter that Rina holding to celebrate someones birthday to light up a candle on a birthday cake. Her reply, "truly I like it" or as in "that's very good" - sorewa mecha ii

That was really facepalm max with that typo English *head bang wall* =-= oh well...

Merry X'mas world and Happy New Year 2013 soon ~ Opi!

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