Thursday, December 13, 2012

The shape to feeling uh...

Wish to move from morning? Had overslept today had so much fun hunting books from Big Bad Wolf sales. December now is ending soon as what it relate about birthday. I was looking around for miracles "it is unexpected to be this way, because she is" choosing to have fun wildly imagining. The reaction of what it seen has something to do related of the event. Who know's what happen to the world like rumors running around with so called "end of the world". Take the time and spend the time those who appreciate it no matter what how far it is, all the way 8 hours trip to Malaysia thank you ~

The dream seems to come true to have personal contact. Not only what I thought it wasn't real but ended up to be friends sharing stuff and interest with one another. I don't know how the future to be, but as for me to be realistic is almost 99% impossible to be. Is all the way for thousands over kilometer. Is hard to believe such things came through. Well, each personal message keeps me going on to be stronger as ever before. I don't want to affect the career of a great artist, sometimes maybe I should keep a distance ... loves with music beats...thank you

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