Saturday, January 29, 2011

Evolution of Kai aka GazettE Drummer

Some random look that Kai's look year by year XD I just a fan of him best drummer ever!
Zakuraguttu no Yutso ~ 2005 ~

Silly God Disco ~ 2006~
I really want this hairstyle!

Hyena ~ 2007 ~

Guren ~ 2008 ~

Before I Decay ~ 2009 ~

Red ~ 2010 ~
okay this is one of my favourite picture lately
(He looks emo I love his look his hairstyle also)

Let us rest for a week at least hmm since everybody is super busy during CNY. Today's kitchen class as usual Indian dishes, as I don't really like cooking -,- just have to tolerate 1 month + more than kitchen class is finish yes! Damn I didn't realize yesterday, today and tomorrow is a PC Fair, and I wanna get external Hard disk to do backup information on my laptop, and M2 Memory Card 8GB for my N82 phone which is insufficient memory for songs. Anyway put that asides because I'm lack of money now. Not as important thou. I wanna keep my hair long but stupid one of the CEO faculty few days back warn me to cut my hair, but do I look like I care? Well, I'm just gonna trim a bit since Mr. Desmond is not around. If he's here pray for it la than. Stupid college got grooming standard effking grr. This evening, just look through an article in the net. Comparing through my research, 

Acer laptops series ~ Not so clear lol =X
Good laptops of Acer price range ~ RM 1,999 - RM 2,888
- Price cheap
-In certain extend wise performance good speed boost of processor
-One of the lightest laptop 
-Started with the shortcut button

-Heated up easily not more than 20 minutes (I could feel the hot hair blowing from my friend's Acer laptop sitting behind me)
-Many users said doesn't last long via my survey

Sony Vaio
Many series for those Stamina, Performance, Speed boost, Casual, Light/Slim and etc
Good laptops of Vaio price range ~ RM 2,800 - RM 8,000
-Quality long lasting
-Good warranty
-Exclusive shortcut button
-Best keyboard button 
-Performance wise moderate
-Will not overheated (feel warm if on 24hours) (what's the point if you switch on 24 hours besides downloading? the exe.plor usage keep on increasing as the time of use increases, thus the ram usage increases lower down the performance as you use it longer)
-Good design

-Price too way expensive (Doesn't worth/value the money) (which idiot gonna buy this lappy unless you are effking rich) 

HP Pavilion/Compaq
Both of this HP and Compaq are sharing the same company
Good laptop price range ~ RM 2,500 - RM 4,000
-Best sound system with good speakers in built
-Moderate price and performance

- Skin of the laptop easy to be scratch
-Nothing much special overall is moderate

let's starts off with the laptop I'm using now:
Dell Studio 15

Price range ~ RM 2,999 - RM 3,999
- Affordable price (What you paid is what you get)
-Air cooler system with double fan (tried 3 weeks on 24hours no burn) lol
-Good ventilation of air avoiding from overheating (place bottom horizontal)
-After 3 hours + starts to feel the warm
-Studio series is a multitasking laptop (music, msn, Internet explorer with multi tab, video, some file folder on, and one high graphic game is on) that's the maximum moderate performance can be use. For further it still can be use but it might overuse the performance so as well is to stay as low as the usage) not bad at all
-15 inch wide screen (good enough)
-Auto turbo boost since now all the Studio series is using I-series processor
-Nice skin (can be change design)
-Anti scratch on the surface
-Good warranty and helpful online service updating and upgrades)

-Kinda heavy =X unless using 14 series
-The F button have shortcuts key but doesn't work when you wanna use the original F shortcut keys unless you change them and set it.

Alienware Dell
Price range ~ RM 3,000 - RM 7,000 For hardcore game advance ~ RM 4,600 - RM 12,000
You don't have to say anything, just look at the picture how gay it is. Yes the gayest laptop on this planet. High performance what shit you wanna play what shit you wanna on also it works well. Fucking 3D high definition game multitasking with multicore/hardcore GAY KING!!! Design is fucking gay various lining colour way better shortcut keys overclocking laptops!

-Some people thinks is kinda super expensive but wait a minute have you ever compare it with Sony Vaio?
it's way far better than Sony. Trust me for those thinks Sony is good well because you are buying that damn name "SONY". 

Price range ~ RM 2,800 - RM 4,200
Try get the satellite series among the rest
-A bit better than HP/Compaq and slightly better than Acer
-almost as good as Dell
-Good performance

-unknown lol =X 

Apple Macbook
Well I not so sure so this is what my friend using says~
Price range ~ good ones ~ RM 3,300 - RM 7,000 and above
-If you get used to the software is kinda different compare to normal windows users unique
-Various shortcut for example objectdock and dragging stuff 
-Uses lots of tab can be easily manage
-Msn totally different
-Auto update and goes well with Iphone, Ipod and any Apple branded stuff.
-Using quality ram even with just 1GB ram
-Overall everything is totally different and I myself don't even know how to use LOL

-Not all software compatible with other common software
-Not commonly use to the world not as recognize as Windows operating system

Well, for those who wanna buy new laptops think carefully all those is only the specs not the performance yet inside I mean CPU, RAM
so choose carefully for those now teenagers suits more to multitasking
good processor I recommend ~ Core i3, Core i5 , Core i7 with good clocking speed range (2.4Ghz-2.7Ghz)
Good Ram ~ range 3GB till 6GB ~ recommended ~ 4GB
Good Brand Graphic Card ~ ATI Radeon & NVIDIA ~ at least 1GB
HDD? is up to you how much space you want to have in your laptop

*so please REMEMBER Operating System* for those who are buying 32-bit or 64-bit...let me tell you
32-bit-maximum ram usage 3GB 
64-bit maximum ram usage unlimited

so please IF YOU BUYING A LAPTOP for those who are using 3GB or more and is using windows 7 32-bit it only maximize usage till 3GB thats all. I LMAO when I saw most of my friend having more bigger 3GB ram and is using OS-32bit lols

thats all for here I will stop =X

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  1. excuse me spelling error is "zakurogata no yuuutsu". =P