Monday, January 31, 2011

~ Screw ~ Magazine Shoxx 217

Updates more on Screw, I think I'm quite outdated due to assignments haha. Anyways new single is coming out "DEEP SIX" which is gonna be as same as GazettE Tokyo Dome DVD the same timing 23rd March RAWRS.

~ Screw ~

Some random pictures of GazettE performing at Tokyo Dome from the Magazine SHOXX Volume 217

Vocal : Ruki

Guitar: Uruha

Guitar: Aoi

Bass: Reita

Drum: Kai

This two days in Malaysia, the weather is so cold and freaking nice especially sleeping at the same time save electric bill from using fan or air cond XD anyway here starts my holiday till Sunday doesn't mean I'm gonna slack at house. My brain still keep on moving on academics when back to college, mid term starts hoho. Now this holiday currently downloading M.R.D. 2005 GazettE live final with 15 parts and I have to combine all parts to form 1.5GB via HJ Split. *Headache* rawrs right now got the movie "Green Hornet" from Ben which he just finish downloaded this morning and I took it from him XD gotta watch anytime soon keke "Black Swan" I also wanna watch hmm. Probably with my dear on Valentine's day? XD haha think bout it later hehe

Don't forget Ruki's birthday is tomorrow!!! XD =X =X =X

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