Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Ruki~

Ruki aka Vocal's GazettE birthday today~ wishing him a great Happy Birthday XD go do more tour around the world at least please come to Singapore is already good enough =X don't come to Malaysia =X just like X Japan or Miyavi they are doing World Tour for 2011 ~ Miyavi is now in US doing Tour around the World ~ I know that GazettE made a tour in Europe, Germany, England, Ireland and etc, didn't attract much fans during 2008 but I think for now they are quite popular among the other Visual Kei band. They should attempt another world tour I guess =X

Well, Happy Birthday Ruki~ 2004 look changes till 2010
from lala to not so lala LoL
First look of 2004 alamak *faint*
his hair and his lipstick ==!

Reila ~ 2005~
That's better lol

Nameless Liberty Six Guns Final ~ 2006~

Hyena ~ 2007 ~

Distress and Coma ~ 2008 ~

Invisible Wall ~ 2009 ~
Red ~ 2010 ~

This few days nothing much, just rot at home, dreaming bout my dear only all the time. Boring holidays yawn. Hope she get to sleep well since her neighbor so noisy in the middle of the night and the weather was so cold. Sleep well dear >.

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