Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dragonball Z craps!!!

Son Goku

Goku, AKA the world depository for hair gel, is a Monkey Man. Despite crash landing on Earth when he was sent from a dying planet by his parents. He has a energy technique where he shouts “CUMINGCUMINGYAH!!!” that he uses to blast his enemies, which he only does once everyone else is dead. Goku is also a deadbeat dad without a job and at the end of the series he leaves his family and friends and goes to Tim Batu. He is also a rabid supporter of pie and eating insanely fast with chopsticks. It is determined later in the show that Goku with a car is more dangerous than Goku, and that he could have easily killed Fliza if he had drove his car to Namek, although it still would have taken 100 episodes. It is well known that Goku can destroy all of existence merely by scratching his balls. Never ever touch Goku’s balls. LOL =X =X

An illegal, big head alien from Antarctica. He got into a fight with Goku. He makes 4 transformations:
2nd Form: Grows to two stories tall
3rd form: Shrinks down to 1 story tall
Final Form: Turns microscopic
100% Full Power: Becomes smaller than an atom. Levels buildings by pulling out the bottom brick. LOL

Son Gohan
Goku’s first son who, thanks to Piccolo’s intensive training involving Hindu squats, managed to help get rid of Cell. His “abilities”, however, often cause the other retards he hangs around with to feel jealous and yell strange things at him, along the lines of “SONNN OFFFFF A BIIIIIITCH!!!!!” After yelling these things, he gets really angry and becomes the strongest dog on the planet for about 12 episodes.

Despite many beliefs, Piccolo is actually a Pakistani illegal immigrant posing as a green alien to trick the CTU (counter terrorist united or whatever it called). into thinking he is really “saving the world” or something like that. Many people have described him as “a green high-pitched flute”, who taught Gohan how to use his powers to slaughter enemies, whilst Goku went on vacation with Raditz(Goku`s bro). Rumor has it his training methods are quite different from normal techniques used and include beating up schoolgirls with large sledgehammers. His powers come from the mysterious power of Dunkin Donuts. He is named after a Pickle. Piccolo also worked at a hotel as a picolo. He enjoyed the work until Goku came to the hotel and got Piccolo fired for bad work. After that, Piccolo kidnapped Goku’s fourth son, Gok-chi, and turned him against Goku, now Goku and Piccolo are friends and room-mates. Crapz s zzzz

Majin Buu
Buu is really fat and sometimes he’s really thin - a trait only seen in humans like The Shrek. However, he’s not human, and is actually made out of bubble gum. The Buu saga is about Goku trying to find the Bazooka Joe Comic inside him.


Vegeta is a militant pacifist, the last of the Donkey man. Vegeta sells vegetable every morning in the markey. During the final battle with Ultraman, the cowardly prince threw away his pride, willingly giving his life energy to his wife, Britney Spears. Prince Vegeta died after the battle with Optimus Prime.

The smallest organ of the human body, he has many brothers (billions as a matter of fact) and was composed mostly of water and dissolved proteins. He killed Goku once in a dream. He took many episodes to kill (being so small) and had an entire saga devoted to him. Cell was also a well-known sexual cell, attempting with any living creature that crossed his path. After Goku put an end to his mad humping spree, he eventually died by overdosing on Viagra. LOL!!!!!

Goku stands victory when he challanges Fliza with his ultimate technique!!!! WOW!!!

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