Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hairstyle of Cloud Strife

Cloud unsual hairstyle was obtained when he was a child and he stuck his er em whatever the hell you call it into an electrical @$$&0/e. It also fried his brain which explains why he isn’t all that smart. One time when he was going to slick his hair back, but he cut his wrist on one of the sharp spikes which almost led to his untimely death but luckily he was saved by a leprechaun(a short guy u know what i mean thou) who threw himself upon the wound until the blood was too scared to come out anymore. Son Gokou claims that Cloud stole his hairstyle and his whole look, so they’re fought!!!! But unfortunately Son Gokou lost because he was attack by Pikachu and KABOOM!!! OPPS =X
Cloud and Sephiroth used to be very close. One fateful night they were sent to Germany, to investigate the Hair Gel Reactor built by Shinra. Cloud went in with black hair and went to bed. The next morning he woke up and found Sephiroth gone. Sephiroth had finally gone mad with jealousy after realizing that Cloud’s hairstyle had beaten his in the fashion polls. As revenge, Sephiroth had stolen his hairgel, dyed Cloud’s hair yellow and ran off crying to his mother.
Cloud pursued Sephiroth up to the hair gel reactor and pushed him into the gelstream not lifestream kay, something which should kill anyone by overslicking their hair. Years later, Sephiroth came back for revenge and tried to take over the moon. Cloud decided to stop him and finally met him under the crater in the north.
Here, Cloud came into contact with the gelstream and which granted him amazing powers. He was infused with Holy hairgel and suddenly gained the power of Hyper-super-mega-ultimate-ridiculous-mad-inferno-elephant-gigantic-uber-ultimate-kick-ass-hole-Omnislash. Holy SHIT!!!
Unsurprisingly, Sephiroth died. Twice.

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