Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Scott "Cyclops"- Called the cyclops for his tendency to show people his one red eyed monster, Scott gets his kicks by shooting off his one-eyed load.

Ororo "Storm" Moron- Ororo is the first character we get to see change. In the 80's she is a skinny punk boy with a mohawk, but by the 90's she had a full head of hair. This drama queen controls the weather. Her most famous line is "Do you know what happens to a toad when it's struck by lightning? LOL

"Wolverine"- A complete asshole who has a genetic condition that involves his fingernails to grow like mUtHa@u#K@r. He defeats his enemies by repeatedly stabbing and then molesting them. He is also a skilled pianist jut like Beethoveen....=.O"

"Gambit"- This flaming joker is quite the card player. He has the power to be so gay that it charges his cards. The result of being hit by the card is a gay-explosion. Unfortunately being a member of the X-men didn't work out for Gambit mainly because he and Wolverine both had a gay crush on Cyclops. Gambit moved to Las Vegas, where he got into trouble with the the mafia.....out of idea zzz skip to next

Note: It has been confirmed that the "X" was stolen from X-files and is currently in copyright....
The X-Men Administration

= Professor X-Who lost use of his legs when his step-brother David Beckham teamed up with yet a third step sibling named turkey and used him to make a wish after a Thanksgiving dinner.

= Father X-mas-Who gained his powers after being pissed off by Santa Claus.

= Mega Man X - Retired from Dr. Light's group of Y-Men to join the X-Men. Looks okay in a rock.

= Sonic X - Who joined to avenge the deaths of Tails with the EggMan!!!

= Xbox - Former vice president of Planet X that creates this Xbox software to help X-men to go clubbing.

= Xbox 360 -The leader formally known as Xbox.


  1. damn sad la u..
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