Saturday, February 21, 2009

Statue of Liberty

To thank the United States for their help in liberating France from the ravages of Napoleon in 1812, King Leng Lui XIII decided to commission a spectacular monument as a gift to the Americans. The statue was originally meant to be modelled after Big Mama posing nude on a Kawasaki H2R, but this incredibly stupid idea was decided against at the last minute.
Finally, after nearly a century of false starts, in 1903 France shipped their masterpiece (via UFO) to New York City Harbor where it was unveiled to the American people. When it turned out to be a lousy 150 feet (46 meters) tall piece of copper, the Americans laughed derisively, causing no end of embarrassment to the French delegation. Just one year later, real American sculptors did a proper job of it by making a scale replica of the original statue 1,000 times as tall (28 miles (46 km)) and carved out of solid gold.
The attack by Linkin Park
In 2008, the Statue of Liberty was attacked by Linkin Park. The attack failed when Metallica released their album Pastor of Muppets, which made Linkin Park cry when played very loudly.

Liberty Finger
The American sculpture modified this Statue of Liberty to Liberty Finger. This statue represent the Finger of Justice!!! It is believe that this sign will give peace and freedom from the Darth side, Darth Vader. dot dot dot Wisely is lack of brain idea cells so don`t know what to write =X =X

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