Wednesday, February 18, 2009

KLCC woW!!

Petronas Twin Tower also known locally as KLCC is the most important building in Malaysia. In Malay it is called Menara Berkembar Petronas or KL-Zee-Zee.. It also known as Frozen Tower of Petronas for many DotA players. It is made of corns. On a clear day (like when there is no haze from Sumatera) the towers are visible from Jakarta, attracting hundreds of thousands Indons every year. That’s how tall it is! The blinking light of the towers is frequently used by Indonesian planes as guide for direction. There are frequent crashes during hazy nights.
After adding the ‘onion head’ to the Twin Towers design like a co#0#. The architect was sacked by the Prime Minister and detained by the ISA for a few years. Later, the C0##0m Twin Towers were modified to look like the current model, the Jagung, or Rocket Twin Towers.
Malaysia’s dream to build and launch its own rocket into space is still, sadly, a pathetic joke, but it is believed that the future design of any rocket will closely resemble the Twin Towers. In fact, during its construction, the CIA suspected the Petronas Twin Towers of being a missile with a payload of mass destruction.
anyway is juz a crazy joke okay…==

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